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The events and demonstrations with HEI organisation and/or participation of 2014


Calender of 2014
no. Dates Events Locations
1 23-25 May Ten knights of c. 1470 compete in the St. Hallvards Turnering Akershus Festning at Oslo in Norway
2 31 May – 1 June Four roman cavalrists perform at the Roman Festival – i.c.w. Ala I Batavorum - Kops Plateau at Nijmegen in the Netherlands
3 1 June A market and courtly and judicial foot tournament to celebrate the granting of the city rights of Utrecht in 1122 and the ascend as bishop of Utrecht David of Burgundy in 1456 Korte Minrebroederstraat in Utrecht in the Netherlands
4 21-22 June Four roman cavalrists show their abilities at the Musée de Vieux-la-Romaine – i.c.w. Ala I Batavorum - Musée de Vieux-la-Romaine at Caen in France
5 27-29 June Two Burgundian knights travel to Poland to defend their honour at the Tournament of King John III Gniew Castle in Poland
6 5-6 July Six knights of c. 1470 break their lances in the Grand White Bear Tournament Nyborg Slot at Nyborg in Denmark
7 9-20 July Six knights meet head on in Das grosse Turnier zu Schaffhausen Herrenacker at Schaffhausen in Switserland
8 22-27 July A Burgundian knight of c. 1470 faces his challengers in the Arundel International Tournament Arundel Castle in England
9 25-27 July Two roman cavalrists perform at the Cambodunum lebt! event – i.c.w. Ala I Batavorum - Kempten-im-Allgäu in Germany
10 2-3 August Six knights compete in Grand Tournament of Nykøbing Middelaldercentret at Nykøbing Falster in Denmark
11 9-10 August Two roman riders throw their javelins and use their swords at Spectaculum Romanum Rimburg – i.c.w. Ala I Batavorum - Rimburg in the Netherlands
12 12-14 August Knights of c. 1470 in a English Heritage joust at Carisbrooke Castle Carisbrooke Castle in England
13 19-20 August Knights of c. 1470 in a English Heritage joust at Pendennis Castle Pendennis Castle in England
14 24-25 August Knights of c. 1470 in a English Heritage joust at Bolsover Castle Bolsover Castle in England
15 30 August Two Knights and their personnel escort the mayor and aldermen of Schoonhoven Schoonhoven in the Netherlands
16 20-21 September Seven Knights from both the Olde Continent and Down Yonder compete in the Tournament of St. Ives Sydney in Australia
17 17-19 October A Burgundian Knight travels towards distant shores to compete in the Tournament of the Phoenix Poway in California
18 25-26 October Knights of c. 1470 meet each other in the tiltyard of the tournament of the Ridderfestival Loevestein Castle in the Netherlands