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Only a few weeks after the excellent Saint Hallvards tournament in Oslo already our knights are busy preparing themselves for the mammoth of tournaments, the month of July. To start with, they shall show their prowess and technique to the Danish audience in the Great White Bear Tournament in Nyborg. This is now being organised for the third year in a row, in honour of the Danehof festival.


Four experienced Burgundian patricians of the Bruges tournament company of the White Bear shall compete here against one another, against a renowned German and a famous English gentleman. They will be judged swiftly and honourably by the Herald Bear.wouter-en







The knights shall walk in a parade through town after which they will enjoy themselves and the people with a mêlée, the mounted clubfight. This is capped off at the end of the day with a grand joust where they will run at each other with real solid wooden lances, in an attempt to break them. The combats take place on the tiltyard that was constructed in Nyborg in the 16th century by the Danish king, next to Nyborg Castle. We expect this tournament to be at least as raw as last year’s:DCIM101GOPRO

After Nyborg all the knights, except sir Wolfgang von der Weyden, will travel directly to Schaffhausen in Switserland, for a ten-day (10-20 July) tournament together with three other knights. This tournament is organised because of the temporary exhibition on chivalric tournaments in the Museum zu Allerheiligen. It will be the longest lasting tournament with real lances hitherto held in modern history. With their breaking of lances and chivalric conduct the knights shall honour their medieval predecessors, because in 1436 and 1438 also great tournaments were held in Schaffhausen.


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