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Winter is coming, but we are already planning for the spring and summer!

Our freshly updated calender for next year shows that we won’t be sitting still, on the contrary. We are already looking forward to charging down quite some of those awesome and international lists again.

Joris Bave met grijze achtergrond, Nyborg 2013

Winters are always good to meet up with our dedicated team and train, and so we did. At the end of November we had an exceptionally intensive trainingday. In the morning we had arranged for two powerpoint presentations to be held. The first was given by Isis Sturtewagen on the subject of fifteenth century clothing as found in iconography and probate inventories from Bruges, her Phd subject. The second one was a presentation by Max Knegjens and Alix van Zijl on the topic of safety awareness during our tournaments. In the afternoon the groundcrew was instructed on the handling of solid lances after which our knights tilted against each other with these. Afterwards the groundcrew got, as part of the training, a taste of how limited the vision and hearing of a fully armoured knight is. They were invited to take a seat on one of our destriers with a frogmouth visored helmet on and a proper lance in their armpit. The evening was reserved for the making of patterns for livery coats for our team and a lecture by Sander Nicolai on the patricians and culture of mid fifteen century Bruges.

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