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Foundation HEI does not carry the name ‘Historical Educational Initiative’ for nothing. With our shows and demonstrations we not only aim to entertain the audience, but also to educate it about their own history. For this purpose we thoroughly study and recreate the culture and material culture of the times that we portray. And nothing beats the studying of prime source material, such as the lavishly illustrated manuscripts from back then. We are proud to tell you that we have acquired  facsimiles (reproductions) of two of those manuscripts to enhance our knowledge and to show to our audience.

The first is a c. 1455-1460 Burgundian edition of a book of the hunt, the Livre du Roi Modus et de la Reine Ratio, written by Henri de Ferrière from Normandy in c. 1370. The second is a book from c. 1470-1480 that describes and shows the tournament called the Pas du Perron, which was held by the important French nobleman René I of Anjou near his castle at Saumur in 1446.

Sources tell that the knights that Foundations HEI normally portrays, the nobles and patricians from Bruges, were true bibliophiles and ordered and owned quite some books. Beautiful books such as these two…