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04 Legermuseum tafelAfter 28 years the collection of the Dutch Armymuseum will move once more. This time from the 17th century Armamentarium in Delft to the former Air Force base at Soesterberg where a new National Military Museum will be opened in 2014.

A range of activities have been organised during the Christmas holidays to give the old location a grand farewell before its closure on 5 January 2013. As part of these Foundation HEI was present with a demonstration- and explanation table. Standing at this table were two patricians from Bruges from the 15th century, who showed and told the audience about Burgundian chivalry and what it meant and took to be a knight.

We are sad to see the museum leave the old historic location and that this also means the end of the temporary exhibition on Tournament Knights, which was realized with help of many of the people working with HEI.

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